#64 - Park County Colorado - Roads

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This project is to finish cleaning up the road network in Park County, Colorado.

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Entities to Map
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#hotosm-project-64 Park County Road Network;
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Project Specific Mapping Notes

  • You should use both Bing and Mapbox imagery (In iD editor -> Background Settings (on right, icon looks like 3 stacked sheets) -> Select Mapbox).
  • If needed, align Mapbox imagery to objects already mapped with Bing (iD -> Background Settings (on right, icon looks like 3 stacked sheets) -> Fix alignment -> use arrows).
  • You are welcome to map other features like waterways and landuse; however, notice it is not being requested in this project and other mappers may not continue that river you start, etc. You may want to come back after the project is complete to map those features.

Road Network

  • Please map roads and major paths as completely as possible by connecting them to the main road networks where ever possible.
  • Very short segments that do not connect to anything should not be mapped.
  • Short segments of a road or path that you cannot see through the trees but seem very likely to exist should be mapped to keep the road complete
  • Try and map a little beyond your task square so the person who maps the task square next to yours can easily connect them.
  • Always connect roads to other roads where they meet and never end roads on area polygon edges (such as ending on the edge of a residential or other landuse polygon) or other non-road-network feature; such as a coastline or river.

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